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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 16 2004, 14:13:14 (CEST)
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Remember all those disgusted Republicans who couldn`t get enough of semen stains and exactly how Monica`s Lewinskies blew Clinton? I remember a reporter asking a Persian man in Germany what he thought of the whole show and he said, "Disgusted? Those Senators don`t seem to be able to get enough...WE are disgusted hearing about it so much"!

Sexual pervaersion...torture, abuse..none of it is news. What`s news this time is how cheerfully and brazenly everyone went along with this illegal war from the beginning. If announcing to the world that you`re going to starve children as an "okay" policy doesn`t get a rise...what`s the big deal about the rest of it. If, as a parent, you were to announce the starvation of your neighbor`s children, it would be a sure bet that you`d abuse them in any other way imagineable as well.

"People who starve children seldom stop there". Another bumper sticker.


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