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Re: UnAmerican? I Wish That It Were So
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 16 2004, 14:25:23 (CEST)
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what`s so sad is that this nation has the resources to satisfy the basic needs of its citizens without committing murder round the world..but our polticians don`t serve us, they serve the corporations that buy them and those corporations aren`t interested in the welfare of their employees..who are also citizens..they are interested in amassing more wealth than the next guy and there is NO such thing as enough...all this murder and mayhem and the people of America are still flat broke...into whose pockets did all the wealth go..and when did it trickle down?

Today both partners must work to barely maintain the lifestyle one partner could provide a few decades ago...this has the salutory effect of tying up both adults in a one is home to mull over daily events and how they might impact the children and family..instead both parents are worried about their jobs...have little time to have a family and are inextricably woven into foreign affairs and the rest of it becuase on the country`s prosperity and security rest BOTH pay checks. But as usual, these things will break the country eventually..but everyone`s face is pressed so close to the details of daily life, work, bills etc that no one has the leisure and can`t see the pressing need to step back a little and contemplate where this is all heading.

And we have a ONE PARTY system and it is the party of Money at all costs...and WE wind up paying all those costs..WE give those moghuls their mansions and jets and yachts and then we day-dream by the telly and pin our hopes on Lotto.


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