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Re: Why This U.S. Solider Is Punching This Iraqi?
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 23 2004, 14:15:53 (CEST)
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never believe...never take it on faith. Ask to see the photos of the last war before you believe in the next. They went there to create Terrorists...the United States has a lot of money tied up and future contracts dependent on Terrorists. They have to get them from somewhere. They went there to abuse Iraqis...from the start. They started earlier by "sofetening" them up...that was Sanctions...13 years of starvation and they`re there to reap their rewards. So what if a few die...Bush sent them all there to kill or be killed...either way it boosts his prestige IF and ONLY if there can be more Terrorists as a his ratings shot up when 3000 Americans were killed while he flew the friendly skies. It seems our Asstians follow Bush too well.


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