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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 23 2004, 0:24:26 (CEST)
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Tony wrote:
>As a citizen of Iraq, Christian Assyrians and their leadership in Iraq must separate and detach themselves from their counterparts in Diaspora and their aims and their goals; and start thinking and work with other Iraqis in terms of United Iraq and that will put them on the level with all Iraqis.

..Indeed, that is their only hope. It÷s what my grandfather Dr Baba Parhad and several others counselled back before Simele happened. My father kept my brother and I in Kuwait to confront all those Muslims rather than sending us to boarding school in Europe all expenses paid by the Kuwait government because, he said..we were of the MidEast and had better get used to life there.

But we÷ve seen what the boys do to anyone who does as you suggest...they label the person a traitor and sell=out. Imagine..working for your country, as you would ahywhere else...for a country that has one or five different religions the boys do in the United being a Traitor, Certainly not to Iraq..but to their notion of a Christian enclave they÷ll never do a damn thing for..except talk and set up the Christians of Iraq.

Be faithful to your native land and you÷re a faithful to the nations who attack and kill your land..and you÷re a nationalist...are these boys fucked up or what.



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