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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 27 2004, 17:50:16 (CEST)
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I don`t imagine it`s conscious but what these offspring of village priests are doing is killing the Assyrian Heritage. That`s really underneath all of this. Since my first convention in 1976 I`ve been baffled by what looked far more like a hatred of things Assyrian than by any love of them. They just do it in the guise of furthering Christ...of demanding their churches back and villages where the churches dominate and rights and guarantees for their Christian religion.

They despise having been followers of that "silly" god whom the most reverent Christian Paul Younan consigned to a perch in hell...then realized belatedly that, like Pat Robertson, he`d been too honest and took it back, like all those weasels do when they slip up and reveal themselves and THEIR hidden agendas.

The boys are no friends of the Assyrian Heritage...rather the opposite really.

Look at them.


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