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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Wednesday, May 26 2004, 1:02:25 (CEST)
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I first started work on him in the library...where we cleared off a table and laid him repair his beard. The Lady of the casa left for a few days and I had to sit the Lord up in an better see what Iīd done. The door to the library is kept locked....It struck me that anyone coming into the library..which has that delightful dusty gloom the best libraries have...expecting to see Jesus laid out on the table still...but finding out, on turning on the lights..that heīd moved over to a chair where he could watch you come in, might get too much of a visitation of the it were.

I have an irreverant streak that those who know me dislike intensely...but those who like me, donīt mind..too much. The lady of the casa is, as I said, delightful...very attractive...most bright and has a Barbary pirateīs sense of humor underneath a most becomming sense of propriety that makes the whole even more bewitching....just the kind of person I canīt help but tweak...just to see the reaction. Her response to the note I taped to the library door as a warning, was to tape it outside the chapel door where Jesus now is. Showed me.


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