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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Sunday, April 25 2004, 2:37:51 (CEST)
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That made me laugh and cringe.

Talk about international embarassment (we have those same fighters in every club and bar in Detroit, trust me)!!! At least we have a few sane people like yourself.

Matay wrote:
>The nose business is going steady. The first years I have to operate appendicites and gall bladders besides the good old bone fractures. But I love to sew and stitch the serious wounds. Especially from the Assyrian youngsters at the E.R. coming from the disco's after big fights .... great to see their streaming blood and their big shiny peaceful crosses! :-) Christ must think: Something went wrong with my message of "Love your Enemy"!
>How is the weather in Mexico? Here Mother Nature has Forsaken us... work work and the climate is also: work. Mexico sounds like a holiday place.
>By the way, you should thank Beth, Ben and all the assyria forums... they provide you with stuff to kick at!


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