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Running in Holland
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 18 2004, 23:16:13 (CEST)
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A big fuss about Assyrians running. Yu`d think someone would try to get them to stand still sometime. Anyway, they carried a banner demanding that Turkey apologise for the Christian "genocide" of 1915. One can`t imagine any Asstian demanding America or Britain apologize for anything, unless it would be for leaving too soon. It seems it only matters WHO kills Christians...if other Christians do it, it`s okay..if Muslims do it, it`s very bad...though good for the National Agenda.

Imagine how it looks to Muslims..."wait a minute...the Americans blinded Majdolin and killed her two children, one of them sleeping in her womb..and you boys say not a thing...we Muslims kill a Christian..and you boys go hysterical with "grief". You can see how odd it must seem to people outside this nuthouse.

What I don`t understand is that Turkey never wanted a did nothing to bring the war on, except have the oil the Christians west wanted...much like Iraq did nothing to anyone in the West but got clobberred anyway...and people want Turkey to apologize?

And the boys want every Muslim who killed or slapped a Christian to apologize..but every Muslim and Turk killed had it coming??? Who is going to apologize to the Turks? They aren`t human? Their infants and parents don`t count?

Turkey is a beautiful country and the Turks are a beautiful people...with a refined and lusty and colorful heritage...especially considering they were hailed by Europeans too as the Gentlemen of the Middle Ages and allowed all three religions to live in peace and run their own affairs more than anybody has EVER allowed in 2000 years.

Turkey was the victim of a war of aggression by a combination of the most powerful nations of their day. They fought valiantly..they fought bravely..they fought desperately and they committed no worse atrocities than every one of those fucking Christian nations have in their bloody histories. There`s plenty of room for us all to apologize to each other and the planet.

Yet the Turks have to APOLOGIZE? For what? For defending themselves? When we see a Kanna...a Christian no less whom you`d think would be a little careful about identifying this minority group, with such PASSION, with the puppet regime of the despoilers of Iraq..when you see him cheering on the destruction and murder and humiliation of the Iraqis and begging the United States to stick around FOREVER...and yet THESE people want Muslims to apologize to THEM?

No wonder we`re scorned everywhere...everywhere where people have a chance to hear this pathetic storey of ours about how we`re the prowd descendants of the Assyrians though we`re so glad we repented and follow Yahwe now. I mean REALLY!!!


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