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=> Why This U.S. Solider Is Punching This Iraqi?

Why This U.S. Solider Is Punching This Iraqi?
Posted by Tony (Guest) - Sunday, May 23 2004, 5:08:59 (CEST)
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Lets break down the situation:

A group of Iraqis hands been tied with a plastic handcuffs (tie wraps), which from my personal experience hurts for months. Even though I only had them on for few hours. Then these Iraqis have hoods and bare feet.

Now, lets look at the solider that looks more like one of our own than anything else. This son of bitch (solider) has Green gloves on and underneath he has some other protection something in black. However, it doesn't show what he had under that black protection, a short pipe in the size of his palm or some sort of Knuckle Brass.

Now, look how his cocking his shoulder to punch an Iraqi that he is holding his head in his lap. Look how angrily his biting his lips as he is punching or about to punch this Iraqi.

Is this Democracy and Liberty these people promised Iraqis? Is this how an occupier must behave? Is this accepted by any religion or faith? Is this accepted under any international law? Is this morally accepted? Is this humanity these people promised Iraqis? Is this compassion that these people promise Iraqis?


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