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Wounded Knee Redux
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 18 2004, 20:53:56 (CEST)
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In that heartbreaking and eye openning book, a chapter is devoted to the war profiteers of that day who stirred up fear over Native American "depredation and savagery". An unholy alliance..well actually, most "holy", because they were all god fearing folk...made up of newspaper publishers and those who supplied the army with equipment and provisions was forged to force the government to act to "protect" the citizens. There was no one to protect the Natives from the they were the Terrorists of their day and the Insurgents too.

After the Native`s had their backs broken and most were forced to abide by the new rules..there was dismay in some circles, the corporations of that day, that the easy money was gone...but, as we are an enterprising sort, fear was drummed into people in article after article of what these disaffected savages MIGHT Saddam MIGHT have built WMDs...and so a campaign to get rid of them some more was push them to the farthest reaches of the wilderness no white had any use for yet.

This of course meant saddles and tack, weapons, wagons and rations for the army...this last and unecessary chapter in the wars to wipe out the Natives who owned the land...the very same people, one feels compelled to add, that our own Asstians are begging for thier own "natural rights" from...ended at Wounded Knee, in the Dakotas, where the old and young, sick and infirm..the only ones left alive and constituting this "Threat" were chased through the winter till the majority of them died. They were no threat to anyone, the braves having been killed long before...but they were a source of profit to a few who, then as now, played on the fear and the secret guilt in his heart each American has that his good fortune comes at a terrible cost to others whom he believes have it in them, as he does, the desire to seek revenge.

Napolean had war profiteers hanged on the spot.


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