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a crock for the taking
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, May 17 2004, 3:43:30 (CEST)
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so let me see if I get this right..we can sweep through Afghanistan and pick up anyone we want to..and because it`s Afghanistan we can do to them what we "shouldn`t" have done to Iraqis we picked that right?

So what changes? Who in America is willing to apologize for starving Iraqi babies? Why is it "shocking" and "Un-American" to tie a leash round a man`s neck and make him jerk off..but it`s "acceptable policy" to cut off food and medicine to children?

Is it any wonder that we`re driving people to the verge of insanity? Is it any wonder some of them have developed a blind hatred for this sort of arbitrary judgement rights we`ve given ourselves over people we know nothing of? How many of those high school seniors from Alabama are still smarting over Desegregation that we send them to Muslim lands with a license to fuck?


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