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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, May 22 2004, 15:55:14 (CEST)
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that÷s where they jews got their laws÷s what Iraqis would like to do to George. They÷ve gone into Iraq illegally..used lies to put themselves in a morally superior position and now call every Iraqi who fights to protect his and her land and homes and families from these Mongoloids a "terrorist" and extremist. They got away with it in Palestine and still do..based on that tactic you could call the woman you rape a "terrorist" because she clawed your eyes out. Americans can÷t figure out that their own actions are the cause of Terrorism...which is merely a poor man and woman÷s response in the face of overwhelming STATE terror. Just because these people can÷t pull an army together and go toe to toe with America does that mean they have to be murdered in peace...can no one fight back.

Another car bomb...more people libereated from earth...but this is a telling statement made by one of the neighbors...

"We were expecting this, but what could we do?" said neighbor Khaled Ahmad, whose two sons Omar and Mohammed left the house for school minutes before the blast. "In some ways, we benefited from the presence of so many policemen. But we also knew that something like what happened today was coming."

...xactly...there are Asstians who believe they will benefit from, "the presence of so many policemen ie: American Liberators...on the famous other hand..they should all remember that...something like what happened today ie: coming.

...This is ZOWWA and Kanna and DeKelaita÷s grand plan..rely on the presence of the Americans, of their soldiers and police...never mind that Iraqis see what they÷re doing...know that they beg them to stay and pacify and terrorize the country as long as possible...but Kanna will get his reward...paid to him by his Boss and Master and Commander of the far seas..oops. And the Christians in Iraq will get xactly what they have coming..though it will be DeKelaita and Kanna who set them up while Iraqis pay the bill.


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