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commies deducks
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 27 2004, 14:18:01 (CEST)
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this is a quote from terrorist witch-hunters gone

""We know that we are not immune to terrorism, and that we must be vigilant," she said."

..that could be a statement from any one of the 10,000 countries the United States has invaded one way or the other in the last 60 years. They`re setting up the same apparatus they had in the 50s...only this time the witch-hunt will be world-wide. It`s good to remember that through all the turmoil the Commie hunters set loose on American society, the suicides as a result of innenuendo, the jailings, the ruined lives and careers, as well as the hell and damnation they visited on third world countries and their peasants..not a single fucking active card-carrying member of the Communist Party was EVER found.

That didn`t matter..the point was to get Americans not-thinking but behaving hysterically..ready to shoot anyone they were pointed at...and they were pointed at lots of people...millions in fact. That`s the price of the kind of lop-sided "enviable" lifestyle we lead in which the world and its people, children especially, are viewed as tools and resources and garbage cans for our Lifestyle. We feel guilty...and we are.

They`re doing it again...they have been for some time..ever since the other Evil Empire collapsed. It`s the Constitution stupid! That`s what the Conservative Christians have been targeting..probably from the day it was written and god was written out of it. They want that "nation under god", which means under their thumb...and will have it at whatever price we have to pay.

There ARE no terrorists anywhere but the desperate people who try to fight back at the greatest exporter of international State Terror since the Roman remember them...they MADE Christianity...custom made it to order and to go go go.


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