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Posted by el iraqui (Guest) - Thursday, January 22 2004, 21:44:36 (EST)
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Over at aina they're having a donnybrook over proposals for a project in Iraq and the big concern seems to be that same old bugaboo, the Chaldean ethnic identity and how you've got to be a whore and traitor to agree to be Chaldo-Assyrian...but it's great to be "Assro-American".

it's never going to be settled and doesn't need to be...these are all talkers who talk a lot and that's as far as anything goes with them. But some things stand out such as the usual method an Assyrian nationalist uses when he "fights"...he calls your mother names. This is a leftover from our days of ancient glory when the Assyrian army and king would line up facing an enemy force and stick their tongues out and moon them. You can see by this that we are "real" Assyrians.

No such fund or plan or implementation exists or ever just SOUNDS good. Everyone knows it but still, it gives them something to jaw many more times can you bring up mass graves in Iraq and what we SHOULD be given?

But even when it's all just talk, it's interesting how adamant they all are that they're descendants of the ancient Assyrians...and yet they don't believe in any Assyrian religion or do anything anywhere OUTSIDE of religion, a religion that is as foreign to our ancestors as Judaism would be...and to cover over this embarrassing little detail, claim that Christianity really is the SAME thing anyway...which is odd because Jesus, his god and father and all his family and followers were all Jews. It seems to me that modern Assyrian Christians are descended from the Hebrews...which is where Christianity came from.

All their claims to being REALLY Assyrians come to grief on this one sticking the name "Christian", you will see in front the name of the god these people in Mohamedan" you see that they are followers of "Buddhists" are followers of Assyrians used to be those who followed Ashur...not Christ or Muhhamad or Buddha or the Rev. see, it DOES make a difference. This applied especially in the old world when nations had their own religions, so to be of one nation meant you were usually of that nation's religion.

Some religions have gone international and their followers are all over the map...but still, they have countries wherein their secular culture can grow and be expressed...we have none and see no need to have anything outside of religion...a neo-Jewish religion whose rites and rituals we merely paper over with the word "Assyrian". What kept the Jews together all those years without a country and being savaged by Christians, was that they never let go of their basic beliefs as they held them when they DID have a country.

We lost our country and we lost our religion and then we adapted to Christianity and now adapt to the various countries we live in around the I don't see where any kind of Assyrian OR Chaldean identity can be said to exist. We can make one up if we want to...but we won't have much of one if it's just a knock-off of Judo-Christianity...anyway you can follow all of this over at aina if you have the stomach for it...the odd thing is there isn't an Assyrian within a thousand miles of the place.


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