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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 27 2004, 23:08:29 (CEST)
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I wanted to do it with what`s best about our Heritage...Ken Joseph and the rest want to show the worst...all I can say is that it`s a great help to us all to have these people interviewed where others can also drop their jaws in disbelief.

There`s nothing like shining a light in the ghetto of Asstia to make the rats run. Let them talk and talk and talk..the more they give their proooves..the more easily disposed of will they be. Once they have it fixed in everyone`s minds that Assyrians HAVE to be Christians, or they don`t qualify and that THESE are the shining examles of same...I`ll come along with the monuments and sculptures and shows and explain that an Assyrian can only be an a Jew can`t be a Muslim or a Muslim a Buddhist.

I tell you...the boys will do your work for you and on top if it..hang themselves and you`ll never have to provide even a rope..they`ll bring that too...gladly.


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