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fan tods in assyria tonight
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 6:09:06 (CEST)
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there`s a Kurdish stamp being offered for sale on ebay...a kind of a premptive collector`s item...sells for a thousand bucks...the outraged poster who, like the rest of our heroes, thinks to battle the Kurds by displaying an alarming inablillity to even spell the if the mere thought of all those Kurds makes him lose control...asks the eternal question asked in Assria...whenever they`re left wondering ...

"when can we do something like this ??? "

...the answer of course is, "Never". I didn`t make it up...I wish it wasn`t so..but there`s no use fighting the obvious. If anything is crystal clear it`s that all these demandses that we "DO" something...when the demander himself can`t stir a finger more than to type..."When will we do something" have your answer...supplied by the very person asking the question.

If Kurds changed over to Buddhism it would have an effect on the level of their "Kurdishness". How long will it take these Asstians to realize that they themselves rendered themselves impotent and incapable of even the slightest effort as Assyrians..when they gave up on BEING Assyrian? if they ever were..and that`s a question not that easy to answer.

There is far more tangible evidence that these people are MidEastern Christians than they are...or ever were, Assyrians. I just don`t see it. This stamp is proof of Kurdish pride IN ACTION...and the question posed by the post is proof of Christian...not Assyrian, meekness and muddleheaded fuzziness.

What`s so hard about a stamp? An Assyrian Monument wasn`t all that hard..and interestingly enough not a single Kurd, Turk or Arab stood in its way..but the Shumirum was shot down...guess by whom? Assyrians? was an Assyrian who created it. It was shot down by Asstians...long live Yahwe.


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