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fear and loathing in Asstia
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 18 2004, 21:51:32 (CEST)
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This may be one of the first times in our recent, inglorious history, that so many of us have spoken outright about seeing all of Iraq as all of Assyria, Chaldea etc...of accepting the people, regardless of their religions and what they call themselves. Naturally there is a fear that this trend will preits would be dismayed if people married freely where their hearts took them and didn`t remaind under the influence of the bigorty every religion teaches as a bulwark of its "faith".

Some of us are saying people count more than words and names..that peace and security is worth dropping religion for..that religion has not brought these things but the opposite...divisiveness...distrust, prejudice, superstition...these are the gifts of Judo-Christianity...I don`t care how few "right" ones there are...the wrong ones run the show. It`s the show itself that`s corrupt and contrary to peace on earth and goodwill to all.

Naturally we are considered by the boys to be traitors...but traitors to what? To a to a bunch of words..that`s all Asstia amounts to...just a bunch of looney tunes posts from a smattering of illiterate people, some of whom earned their illiteracy the hard way, going to college to get it... afraid of their own shadows, who all got the hell out but want SOMEONE to stay and take a bullet for Jesus.

That and Kanna...someone we`re supposed to honor because he sold the entire nation of Iraq..the modern Assyria, out to those attacking it illegally and murdering its civillians, when not fucking them. For this we are supposed to honor this Quisling. Iraqis will know what to do with the man..never fear.


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