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first Liberator loses liberty
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Wednesday, May 19 2004, 15:17:07 (CEST)
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...some flunky named Sivits get a maximum sentence of a year in prison..that`s maximum..he could be out for good beahvior in an hour and a half. Hopefully common people who identify with the soldiers won`t be satisfied with this hanging out a few soldiers to dry...they`ll demand that the people who set the abuse up also be punished.

Where the United States gets off riding at high moral anchor must be a puzzle to the world. We expect this sort of a thing from Saddam...but America? Yes America...a country that was built on oppression, slavery and and murder. But with that Constitution and given time...and its only been a short 200 years...America could have been the land to embrace the world instead of rob it.

America was always a promise..a work in progress...these Christians are trying to set it in cement and call that "security". When a People jump out of their skin while they have the strongest economy and the most powerful military the world has ever know the rot is from within..where all empires collapse. This one will be no different. They ALL thought they were invincible..they ALL had god on their side...and they all fell from a pinnacle reached through brutal repression and not enlightened leadership.

America had that document that could have saved it...and it`s that document that`s what`s under attack...not the people. And the one attacking it the most sits in the Oval Office.


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