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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, May 17 2004, 14:30:03 (CEST)
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Hi Everyone

In church the other day we were told about a young boy (I believe the age of 11) who was kidnapped and is being held at ransom for $50,000 US. I have been told that many of our churches in America, Australia, and England etc are trying to help raise money. Does anyone have more information?

This is such sad news.. I also heard that the child only has one kidney too.

...Thatis indeed sad. I heard of a poor mother blinded, her two children killed. Did your church hear about that? Do you want to? I suppose now all parents are to take their children to the north where no one kidnaps anyone and there`s milk and honey. Or write a letter to Bush..he`s compassionate, maybe he`ll send some money to save the boy..he`s been sending a lot of money recently to save Iraq.


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