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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 22:43:49 (CEST)
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in a stunnigly idiotic post Hanna explains what god really meant to say...that he didn`t say "Let There be Light"..or rather he did because his words are there in that bloody book for you to read..but what god SHOULD have said was "Let There Be Drakness"..because god IS can see this is going to the toilet with the rest of his posts but what`s fascinating is how far on the defensive the boys have gone since we first started telling the world that being an Assyrian means being an Assyrian..not being a Christian..that as a Jew knock-off religion Christianity insults our very core as Assyrians..that the notion that Christianity invented goodness, kindness, humility, and love is silly to say the least...when all that`s specific to Christianity that clearly separates it from the rest is a belief in a Jew Messiah and cannibalism and vampirism...yet Hanna says that Ashur means "First Light"..and since the Jews wrote "Light" into their PROOOVES we Assyrians didn`t have to travel far to become Jews...neo-Jews, but Jews all the same.

He still doesn`t explain how come Jews didn`t travel over to Ashur..if they wanted "Light" and if the distance was so short...none of them can. It`s still a monumental insult to say Assyrians chose to be Christian...they were beaten into it just like everyone else was...not a single country or culture has EVER turned to Christ willingly..every one of them has been brutalized into the record of modern evangelical sons of bitches shows us so clearly in Latin America, North America, Africa and one in his or her right mind and without coercion would willingly leave their own indigenous cluture..the one they married in, had children and buried their parents in..not a one...and certainly not for cannibalism and the promise of a ride to eternity on the broken body of a poor, gentle Jew...who never meant anyone harm but who just HAD to be torn limb from limb so there could be this religion of "Love" that`s been the bloodiest scourge the world has ever seen..right up to today and tomorrow too.

But let`s hear him get wet...

"The concept of associating God with light goes back to the Assyrians, where the name "Ashur" is "Ash-Ur" which means the "First Light" in Sumerian. No wonder our people adopted Christianity, because the teachings of Christianity matched their ancient religious believes."

Hanna Hajjar

...nice try.


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