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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 18 2004, 21:04:21 (CEST)
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in response to a suggested article comes this in response:

Dear Bar Hawil

"It's very good as informative article, but unfortunately the writer is presenting his people not as a nation, but as a group of sects."

...because anyone who is any kind of a serious scholar and didn`t grant himself an advanced degree, or accept one from his tribe..knows damn well that the idea you people are DIRECT descendants of the Assyrians...and ONLY you slobbering Christians at such a piece of crap that I can`t wait till you go "public" and get the public thrashing you deserve. No wonder people recoiled at the idea of going public with our Heritage. These idiotic "proooves" you all learned from your village idiot priests were never meant for grown-ups...just for the perennially childlike and terminally infantile..." you CAN`T post on MY FORUM!!!"

please oh please...dear Ashur, let Aprim finish the next 40 volumes of his book and self-publish them so there`s some chance of one of them, just one, falling into a mature person`s hand.

What a joke. You`d think you people would be embarrassed to claim descent from those noble people and on top of that to say you REPENT of ever having been the children of Ashur and rejoice that you are now the brats of yahwe.

You`re relieved??? Think how Ashur felt.


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