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honoring the dishonorable
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 27 2004, 16:23:32 (CEST)
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..years ago I posted at aina suggesting that it would be good to rally people behind the idea of installing the Shumirum Monument in Chicago, over the objections of one DimWit. Peter shot back that the monument was a private thing between Nimrod and I involving "money" and as such had no bearing on things concerning whom Peter is dedicated..for free.

Let`s say it was...although `d already received...earned..all the money coming to me...and all that was left was to install the piece...still, Peter`s comment that the monument was a private thing between two people and didn`t concern any other Assyrians shows what he and they are all about.

For some reason or reasons, these nationalists are afraid of Assyrians. They`re afraid of real ones..the kind that don`t go down on Bush or Jesus..the kind who insist and can back up their claim, that Assyrians can do anything Culturally these days..just like they can attend medical school and yes, even work for the government, as Peter does.

But they fear Culture because it is PURELY Assyrian..whereas medicine and computers aren`t. The only "Assyrian" thing allowed is Christianity...go figure.

Peter and the boys cannot aford and will not allow any maturity and growth in Assyrians AS Assyrians. They may succeed at computers and accounting and engineering and medicine..of course MEDICINE...but let someone suggest a professional caliber dance company and they`re thrown into panic...and a monument...a public monument, becomes a "private" thing of no concern to Assyrians.

Their stranglehold, it turns everything else about them, is really made of mush. We`re to blame for leaving the palace that Ashur built and bequethed to us in the care of the downstairs servants who`ve come into the great hall and living quarters and soild its magnificence. We left..we abandoned it...and can hardly blame the boys for changing quarters from the stables where they`ve lived all their lives.

Peter is Peter and boys will be boys...but shame on us.


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