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if I were allowed...
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, May 29 2004, 20:09:55 (CEST)
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Website title: post on any forum, most of the others would stop. They`d also email the moderatros furiously that by allowing me the freedom to post...they were denying the rest the freedom to post WITHOUT being made fools of...not that they aren`t fools when I`m`s just that no one TELLS them or SHOWS them up to be the fools they are if I`m banned.

For all of Doozoota`s idiotic hysteria it was most easy to befuddle him by simply pointing our clamly that he was an immense coward for wishing death to people and refuting the illogic he`s grown used to. He had nothing to say on any of the points raised but instead attacked my mother and father...that`s typical heroic behavior for boys who can`t even use their own names to stand by their heroism.

If I were to all of a sudden pop up on other forums..that fact alone would be enough to scatter their brains and make them just how adamantly "Assyrian" are they? How really important are these "facts" to the? What can they endure for this heritage they claim to weep all over? Not much.

Question: If an Asstian posts in a forrest and no one is by to read the Asstian still a fool? That`s the essence of the kind of "democracy" they in which THEY get to be the ones disappearing posts and then people.

The mere fact that I post is enough to unhinge these Asstian heroes who can`t wait to form armies, led by that banana, to go fight Kurds, Turks and Arabs...but not a one of whom can TALK to me..or, look the other way and go about the business of being GRAT!

We got rid of the vulgarity excuse long it`s merely an attempt to avoid being challenged, intelligently...with facts gotten from somewhere other than a Syriac manuscript. The only way it seems the boys can be great heroes and scholars is if they are never opposed..sort of like a boxer claiming he can be Champion...if no one will step into the ring with him except for a Peter Jassim who`s afraid of his own last name.

I`ll go anywhere to confront anyone...that seems to me to be Assyrian behavior. I don`t know WHAT these others are but having spent years sliming the Assyrian Heritage by saying things like..."The Assyrians ran to the hills and hid till a Jew came and gave them courage"...they naturally have goten used to levelling insults at our heritage and calling that "national work".

Anyway...running and hiding are not well known Assyrian characteristics...they do however suit the boys best.


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