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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, May 29 2004, 7:03:31 (CEST)
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the boys..and girls, never tire of telling us how backward and regressive and oppresive Islam it won`t respect Christian rights mind you they`ve been under sttack by Christians since the first Crusades, over 1000 years it`s amazing how tolerant they`ve been of this bloody religion that uses pretexts such as recapturing Christ`s home town as an excuse to kill people who had nothing to do with anything.

What started the United States on its path of anti-Islamic sentiments? A Muslim woman wasn`t allowed to cover her head for a photo on her driver`s license...a mosque had to fight to be allowed to do the equivalent of ring bells calling people to prayer...lies and distortions were spread about Muslims on ALL major news outlets for months..the kinds of false and inflamatory statements Islam is accused of making...statements that could be made against no other group in America...but were welcomed and cheered on in this "free" and democractic country. America even showed showed it too knows how to run Saddam`s why all the slef-righteous blather?

Had America been attacked by Muslim countries in the last 100 years as often as Muslim countries have been targetted by the Christian might understand the rabid anti-Islamic feelings so quickly brought to the fore...but ONE attack in 100 years on native soil and ALL Muslims everywhere and darkies in general and wedding parties and children become targets? Is this proportional? Does it show us off any better than those we blast for their intolerance and violance aimed at innocent people? What crimes had 500,000 Assyrian children committed that their deaths by starvation were acceptable? When have we ever starved a thief or murderer to death that we did it to children?

Just imagine that America was now occupied by a Muslim country...and Muslims in America were working with that Muslim country as interpreters...pointing out whom should be jailed...leading the attackers to the Libraray of Congress where they could loot our treasures..imagine American Muslims...many of them recently arrived here from that very same country occupying the United States DEMANDING that their rights and security be guaranteed when the Muslim armies leave...imagine a Muslim Kanna thinking he`ll be a player when the Mulims pull out..imagine his followers having demands and prooves that they and he should be honored for their role in liberating America from George Bush..and imagine what`s going to happen to them when the murdering occupiers don` won`t be pretty.


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