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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 27 2004, 15:03:52 (CEST)
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Tuesday, December 8, 2003

Knollenberg Announces Federal Funding For Southeastern Michigan Cultural Institutions
Chaldean and Arab Centers to Receive $200,000 and $300,000 Grants

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Joe Knollenberg (R-Bloomfield Township) announced today that he has secured federal grants for both the Chaldean Community Culture Center (CCCC) in West Bloomfield and the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) in Dearborn.

The funding was included at Knollenberg’s request in H.R. 2673, the Fiscal Year 2004 Omnibus Appropriations Act. Knollenberg is a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee.

The Chaldean Community Culture Center will receive a $200,000 grant that will support programs that promote Chaldean language, history and culture, and teacher training. The CCCC is a non-profit organization that promotes an awareness and understanding of the culture, traditions, and history of the Chaldeans.

The Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services will receive a total of $300,000 in grants to support an Arab American Museum across from Dearborn City Hall. This museum will document the cultural heritage of the Arab American community.

“I am pleased that these two organizations will receive grants that will support their mission of cultural awareness,” said Knollenberg. “The Chaldean-American and Arab-American communities in Southeast Michigan contribute greatly to our region, and the Chaldean Center and Arab American Museum will document their unique heritages.”

...I love it. Here are the Asstians...calling Chaldeans names..telling them who they are, praising that jackass on wheels, Fred Aprim, for his "books"...calling Arabs names...making fun of them and their "silly" and also non-existant culture...and what have they to show? Asstians PAID to get a politicain to mention them and wet themselves all over in joy..meanwhile Chaldeans and Arabs GOT PAID!

Can you imagine a hornet`s nest of Asstians converging on Congress demanding to know where the politicians get off making such "ugly and mistruthful" moooves...without any proooves?

A handful of people went out and got private funding to create a Shumirum Monument that has been sitting in a parking lot now for five years...the city that wanted to honor us under threat of a law-suit by one of our gratest leaders if it dares do such a thing as install it...around the corner from the leading center for the study of Assyriology in the world. Since Nimrod`s threat of a lawsuit two other Grat leaders joined the fray to make sure the Shumirum goes nowhere..that would be the honorable cunt, Jackie Bejan and the short-order cook, Narsai David. With these three grat people committed to the greatness and continuity of THEIR status...we`ll go far.

Bravo to the Chaldeans and Arabs...who`ve helped show what these boys so lack. We have sharks preying off our Heritage for their own glory. I could put an end to Narsai`s dinners and indeed all his "help" to Asstians in the same way I got rid of that other "leader" who can`t wait to elevate himself, easily and in the same simply doing what they do to others...expose their wives genitalia on the internet. That`s it and that`s all. These patriots of ours will not bear the slightest burden for the heritage they so "love".

I and my family were torn every which way by the same people. Very well then...let`s all go to hell together. I can play as rough and more so. I can be as mean-spirited and more so. What they did behind my back, I`ll do in front of the world.

If Narsai knows his wife Venus will be left alone to recover from cancer..that`s right...I would attack a woman who never did a thing to me...who is fighting cancer, because I too have learned how to be an Asstian...if he knows I`ll never mention her if he stops his dinners and steps down as president of the Aids Society...he`ll be gone...his "concern" for Assyria being no match for his worry over his wife and his bottom line. The same with the rest of them. Jackie made a show of fighting the "injustice" of my "attacks" against a great leader who was being distracted by these insults from carrying on in HER great tradition of serving herself first of all..and then making a great show of weeping over the rest of us. But it didn`t hold up either.

DeKelaita is already gone from Assyria. One look at Esther...on her stomach...resting her huge chest on the huge boobs she brought to the wedding bed..and not much else...her legs spread wide waiting for her own personal chariot driver to ram his prick home...and it was enough for Robert to leave Assyria..get off of "Nineveh" and go back to his law practise and his ambition to be the first Asstian to wear a BMW.

They`ve done their worst to me..and it didn`t work. I`ve got Peter spinning new rules...Aprim has lost touch with himself...they all run and hide at the mere mention of my name...Narsai, Jackie and Dimwits got nowhere either...and all of it achieved by learning the invaluable and rotten lessons they taught and learning them better than my teachers.

Such is the gutter level in Assyria. Such is the quality of life in this ghetto. These are the standards they must maintain...this is the level they have always functioned best at...they just never expected there could come along someone even lower than they are....

...well here I is. I`m willing to go down with this long as it sinks and never rises again.


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