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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 18 2004, 2:54:30 (CEST)
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words words words words words words....again, names and words and that`s it. The country is called Iraq, but we don`t like that we want a war there to change a part of its NAME. I don`t think these people care for the land or the people at all. I think what they care about are inconsequentials...assure them that a point is unimportant and they`ll make a cause of it..try to get them to deal with facts on the gorund and they draw themselves up in righteous fury and want to clarify terms and bury you in their facts from hell.

If I were given the choice..I would be faithful to the LAND...I don`t care the NAME...I would be faithful to the PEOPLE...I don`t care their NAME. What we have instead are Christians who are faithful to a JEW...nothing wrong with Jews..but then what was so wrong with Assyria that Jews didn`t want to convert to Ashur...but we "leaped" into That Jew`s religion?

Our Christians will kill the land and the people there if they have the wrong NAME! They won`t get anything by it. Kill every Muslim Assyrian in Iraq and no one will give it to Christians anyway...surrounded on all sides by pissed as hell and butt-sore Muslims...ever ready to call on their "friend" the United States, that champion of Darky rights who threw them into jail fast enough in the United States when it was the thing to do...INSPITE of their 350 pound crosses. That will be the day.

If they have to choose between the land..between the people there living and loving and raising families and growing old in peace and security..but under the wrong NAME..the Asstians will far rather the whole thing blows up...that`s what this one God bullshit leads people to in time..and the time is rapidy approaching.

"Do you know the last joke?

Posted By: Ashur Beth-Shlimon (
Date: Monday, 17 May 2004, at 4:39 p.m.

The last joke which is circulating among the Assyrian people these days is , the new name which is invented by ZOWAA & Co . ' ChaldoAssyran !

Those who support ZOWAA's idea, I would like to ask them a few questions:

_ If you think this is a proper name to be named, then why you didn't initiate such BRILIANT name long time ago ?

_ If you think you did the right thing, then why you don't change your political name to be having ChldoAssyrian too?

_ To those professors and intellectuals Assyrians , who back up such move, why you don't ask your current organization to carry the newly invented name 0fficially?

Finally, if you people think you did the right move, you should carry the newname. But, I am sure you don't have a courage to admit your mistake , so you keep your Assyrian name that make you more comfortable with it.


Ashur Beth-Shlimon
17 Ayar 6754 / May 17 , 2004


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