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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 20 2004, 2:32:22 (CEST)
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Assyrian children in Iraq have endured unimagineable hardship and had torture and death visited on them and their parents by Kanna and his puppet, the United States...things unheard of under Saddam became routine.

And something tells me the children suffered and died in agony..but with dignity too. I just KNOW that about them. Contrast that with the behavior of the first American soldier to be sentenced to a year in prison..which he won`t serve to the end anyway. The guy cried..he begged...he whimpered..his shoulders heaved..his eyes teared up...his snot ran down his mouth...gone the weapons, the leashes, the cameras, the boots with which he klicked helpless prisoners to his cruelty. You know he strutted around that prison like a god..controlling the sleep, food, toilet use of people bewlildered with fear and pain and humiliation.

And there he is now...what he was all along..a schoolyard bully and sadist given the go-ahead by Kanna and his puppet, The United States...Kanna who KNOWS all the people America picks up DESERVE to be arrested and then treated in such ways...given Kanna`s blessing to abuse people Kanna knows are all criminals and terrorists and extremists...and Kanna is a the rest of these bastards are Christian...REAL ONES!

What a contrast..our children dying in extreme pain and this crybaby sadist weeping in open court and for what...because he`ll serve a few months in jail and get kicked out of the army...500,000 children had it far worse and I KNOW they met their end with more self-respect and dignity than this asshole.


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