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of masters and money
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 20 2004, 16:51:29 (CEST)
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Kanna`s assertion that he and others were harrassed in Iraq simply because they are Christian is absurd when there are thousands of Christians living peaceably...even working in a Muslim government. And the one good thing that will come with these fools going public with their claims to being the ONLY Assyrians anywhere is that some scrutiny and only a few questions will expose this Dadeeshoo`s non-existant doctorate. Having been tucked away in basements and garages where they conducted their national work and meeting in conventions no one ever heard of, they`ve grown confident and fond of making these preposterous claims, even as they stole toilet paper from hotels...exposure will end all of this in time. But obviously Kanna was doing something else that raised the ire of Saddam and uses religion, again, as the last resort of a scoundrel.

The FBI had students on its payroll in the States and still does so it should be no surprise that the CIA had foreign students on its payroll. Once again the Christian link would make people like Kanna susceptible to being used, then and now...and the Iraqis know that. Years later we find out that Mossadeq was set up by the CIA also using "students" the Iranian "students" obligingly held onto US hostages till Reagan could come to the rescue and be the Bush of his day.

Now we hear that the US army and Iraqi police, who are probably the dizziest people in the MidEast not knowing exactly WHAT the fuck they`re doing and for whom and why...raided Chalabi`s office and confiscated things and someone is accused of holding a gun to his today, gone tomorrow...because Chalabi isn`t cooperating. And they cut off the $370,000 of our tax money they were paying him a month..and you can bet it`s more than that.

No wonder the boys have been yelling "MASTER" at us for years and "WHO PAYS YOU?" Not a whore anywhere could be more obliging than the boys who will fuck their people and the land for money.

Hey careful you don`t catch Asstian Aids on your Society Prick.

note: Narsai...I warned you time and again you were being used as a front by ZOWAA...look at who you`re in bed with. Hope it was worth the easy glory. Bottoms up.


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