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on lies
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 21 2004, 12:48:28 (CEST)
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we know now the Bush administration was lying about WMDs and chemical hairspray...that they used that as an excuse to get the country and the world to go along or stand by while they attacked a sovereign nation,killing thousands and now illegally occupying the land...and that they will now rule that country through puppets who can be as easily replaced if they don`t dance right. They crafted this clumsy lie even though they knew it would be exposed one day when no weapons were found..they knew it and they didn`t think it would matter in the least and they were right. The Nazis pulled the same stunt to go into countries..lies and more lies.

I don`t doubt at all that there were other self-seaking lies meant to serve the same purpose...that is, get people hating Saddam and willing to see themselves as Liberators instead of murderers and theives. I don`t believe the numbers for the people Saddam supposedly had killed either...the figures that Kanna, ao good puppet if there ever was one, spreads for his Master Bush, on whose payroll he is. The iraqi people don`t pay Kanna and he doesn`t work for them and their matter how much he lies about it.


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