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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Wednesday, May 19 2004, 17:57:14 (CEST)
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it`s a mistake to make tip your hand. When that consummate jackass Hannabanana posts that we should form a 20,000 coward Assyrian army to go fight alongside the Americans to "Liberate" Iraq what does he achieve but to make every Christian in Iraq that much more an object of suspicion?

At first when you "talk a lot" people may listen up to see what you have to say. But as time goes on and all you do is talk, they deicde that you`re ALL talk..that if you had any intention of swimming ashore in the dead of night to start a popular wouldn`t be saying you should swim ashore in the dead of night to start a popular uprising.

These boys of ours have no head..but they claim a lot of credit because they have a a lot "Heart"...dim-eh shakeeneli...we like to say. Their blood is hot and their heads stuffed with mush like soccer fans in one country, or one city, will beat and bash each other for THEIR team. The boys have that same sort of hot-blooded and thugish mentality, only their teams are sects and denominations each with its own coach..only thank god they are confirmed cowards and you never have to fear long as you look in their eyes. Turn your back on one and he`ll get brave all over you.

But the disgusting thing about them is that to get off on give themselves and each other hard-ons for Christ...they don`t mind...nay, Dekelaita WANTS, to endanger the Christians of Iraq...because out of desperation and bloodhsed might come this GRAT Assria of theirs...handed to them for free.

Not only will that hero of the common man..that son of a bitch of Ashurbanipal`s never risk his own comfort let alone life...he`s not even going to post any longer for his "dear" Assyria becasue he doesn`t want Esther`s labium maojorams spread wide on the internet. So much for Assyrian Worriers.


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