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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, May 29 2004, 19:54:18 (CEST)
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every "terrorist" in the world is America`s stepchild. United States policies of backing bloody tyrants for decades has forced people to the wall...either they give over any thought of living free and every American believes he or she has a god-given right to do...or they begin the long, bloddy fight to get rid of these tyrants and discourage the United States from meddling in their affairs ever again.

King George III was directly responsible for the was due to his policies that George Washington came to lead a rebel army, also created to answer the Crown`s policies....none of these people were crerated in a vacuum.

In Saudi Arabia "militants" Americans are "pacifists"...attacked big oil. Whoever they are they are there because the United States backs what is essentially one family it does in Kuwait. The United States isn`t interested in democracy in these it isn`t in wants secure rights to the resources a handful of American zillionaires want. Sooner or later the people of the MidEast will have had enough..this latest incursion into Iraq and the sanctions imposed on Syria may just be the straw that broke King George Bush.

Unless of course the assailants were Americans who now can claim that Saudi Arabia can`t be left to protect "its" oil fields on its own and must ask for US intervention...or else. The game can be played any number of ways and is...we`re the ones who`ll lose...we always do.


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