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parallels to Germany 1939
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 16 2004, 17:20:26 (CEST)
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it`s all distressingly familiar...the self-righteous pose of being the one to bring morality to others while strengenthening your nation through warfare.

One critical difference may be that Germany was sunk in the depths of a crippling Depression and the Nazis were able for a time to improve the quality of material life...though there wasn`t a firm base to keep it going and in the end they suffered far worse economically and in every way. The ultimate irony being that those inferior Slavs got one half of Germany to rule over for years.

America is going broke financing these wars...the money isn`t flowing at home. In time and maybe our only hope, the economy will falter so badly that people will be forced to choose. On the other side is the presence of these goons who can work behind the scenes to scare the crap out of Americans so that in the end they`ll do far more damage to themselves than they`ll do to others. We will "protect ourselves" all the way to the poor house. That is we the people will..the same rat bastards who`ve always profited from war will do just fine.

The bible says Assyria was ganged up on for the same Imperialist reasons...maybe these fools should listen. But then again, they`re actually convinced they can win will be the ultimate test of that friggin book`s veracity. Thanks a lot.

The Evangelical nightmare was always lurking in the shadows. These people NEVER won over anybody to the Church...people were forced kicking and screaming all the way. Look at what Christians did to Africa, to the people there...and look at them today, as convinced as anyone else that Jesus is their Savior...the same Jesus in whose name their ancestors were murdered and worse.

That`s how Assyrians were brought to Christianity can bet on it. There may have been pockets here and there of Christian communities trying to live up to Christ`s example..but anyone could have plundered them and slit their throats fro Jesus..and they would have wept with joy to die "like HIM"! It is a negative religion..not the kindness and love aspects it shares with every religion, but this business of emulating the SACRIFICE of Jesus. In any case the Roman Empire soon put an end to such foolishness...whatever Christians remained among Assyrians were made to confrom to the Roman way...which will ultimatey make bloody hyprocrites of most of them..crtainly MORE than enough of them, because the whole Roman Christian thing was hypocrasy to begin with. The Romans were no more Christian than Bush is...they all just use that poor, hapless bastard.

But it`s no good to just shrug and walk away..the seeds for all this Christian extremism that has been burning the fires under Jews and Muslims lies in that bok and in the religion itself. It isn`t merely or even primarily a religion of is one of hatred and fear of other religions...of other gods. It`s the same as when the Emperors insisted they were gods on earth..that`s what Bush is becoming.

Kill god before he kills you.

ps. And no...Buttcroft, this is not a veiled threat against`s a metaphorical (look it up) statement not to be taken means kill the concept of ONE GOD..before his believers come gunning for you because you is EVIL!


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