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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, May 29 2004, 14:37:07 (CEST)
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someone sent me this...apparently there was a brief flurry of posts about yooors trooli at another site thanks to the letter for support Kris and Jeff sent out about the Shumirum Monument. This one is interesting to me for the usual would appear people don`t want to confront us outright...can`t imagine why...

(5/27/04 12:56 am)

it figures he talks about how the Assyrian Christians in Iraq
deserve to be annihilated for being Christian

...I`m not the one telling them they`re now safe in Iraq. It would seem to me the ones lulling them into a sense of false well being...and telling them to go congregate in one spot..are setting them up. I`m saying it`s understandable that when you collaborate with your country`s enemies, you will be made to pay for it. Christians in Iraq have done fine so long as they didn`t spread the nonsense that Iraq belongs to them...because they are Christian...that strikes me as absurd.

and goes on and on calling
them cannibals because of symbolic eating the body of Christ

...I don`t know which is worse..being a child molester or play acting like you are one.

and all
kinds of things promoting the destruction of Assyrians, Christians and

...we`ve heard that before. The ones who lied to send 55,000 Americans to their deaths for corporate profits seem to me to be the ones who didn`t care about destroying American lives. We tried to stop it. Same with Iraq...why would the person who works to promote the Heritage for Assyrians want them destroyed? They merely repeat things over and over...if this person really believed any of this he`d come ask me directly.

so of course you would like him. I would not be surprised
if you are one of his followers

...these people are followers themselves..that`s why they see others the same way. I have no followers and wouldn`t want any. It`s no solution and no comfort to realize people stopped parroting one person and began parroting me instead..that`s a defeat. We ask people to think for themselves..nothing I say is new or exclusive to just won`t find the boys reading anything but comic books.

that post there about how they come on
these forums in disguise and make fools of all us Assyrians.

...come make fools of us then. Because someone points out your foolish ideas you think it`s the person`s fault.

I have even
read posts their mocking how Assyrians are undermining each other as we
see in our politics section.

...everyone knows another Assyrian is the only "enemy" an Assyrian has..the only one he will fight. This is nothing new or shocking.

So I am not surprised you are urging people
to see his views. it a crime to "see" in Asstia?

Hmmm. Maybe you should post all your rants on his
forum instead of here against Assyrians people rant often enough...why can`t we?

and comments about how innocent
Assyrian girls deserve to be murdered by terrorists

...if you mean the two collaborators, then they weren`t innocent. They were probably just trying to make some money for their families and survive American occupation..their mistake was working for the very same occupiers. The same would hold true if positions were reversed and nice American Muslim girls went to work for a Muslim army occupying New York. You can be the nicest most well-meaning girl in the world..but if you collaborate with your country`s enemies and work for the occupiers of your`re asking to be shot. No one deserved what they got in Iraq..least of all the half million Assyrian children killed by the same government these two "innocent girls" went to work for.

... hmmm... same kind
of things he and his followers post... and you liked what you read
there... why am I not surprised that you are showing your true colors
and they are not Assyrian or for justice in my opinion, your claims of
being for justice are a sham.

...the boys have a thing about showing your "true colors"..they are always discovering your "Masters". The entire war on Iraq is a sham...the only true thing around is pointing that out.

p.s. But no matter how much I disagree with his politics and the viscous
way he attacks Assyrian Christians and American Democracy, me American democracy and I won`t attack it. This is not democracy...I can`t help it if you see it that way.

I think he is
a talented artist and his art should be displayed.

...that`s fair.

If he was not so
against Assyrians, Christianity, Jesus, Americans and democracy,

..not against any of those...I just don`t like the way they`re used, misused and abused. You go for the label..I`ll read the ingredients.

he does
have a genius way of putting things and makes some points of social
injustices but like all you brainwashed fanatics, he uses that to
justify unjustifiable terrorism done to Assyrians and democracies and
genocides done to Assyrians... so it is genius wasted in my opinion.

...There was no genocide done to Assyrians. Iraq is filled with Muslim are other countries there. Christians paid the price for being Christians whenever Christians came killing any Muslims in America would if Muslims came killing American Christians. What is so hard to grasp about that?

...Everyone is on the terror bandwagon now..used to be any Assyrian who tripped and broke his neck, died a he`ll be a victim of Terror as well.`s no wonder we are where we are and thank god too. The things these people believe cannot stand the slightest push. Almost as if they were all Bubble Brain Boys who can`t afford to leave the antiseptic environments maintained for them at the thingies they frequent where every idea is scrubbed clean and disinfected till it`s reduced to sterile mush. Anywhere else and the boys simply fold up and die. But thank god some are getting brave enough to step outside...let the rest of the world hear and see what we`re stuck with.


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