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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 16 2004, 19:21:58 (CEST)
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No one is saying Bush knew the towers were being targetted. But all the evidence clearly shows they knew SOMETHING was coming and most likely knew when to within a few days either way...hell they worked hard enough for it. None of this later crap, the Patriot Act especially would have been possible had not Americans been frightened out, way out, of their wits.

You can see how pleased and comfortable these Bush people are with this horror of a new law...they don`t seem distressed at all that they had to remove our civil liberties.."sorry folks, it`s jest be for a little while". They look and act more like it was the culmination of their dreams and a lot of prep work. Never were leaders so happy to undo the Law of the it had been a hindrance to other schemes and exploits we have no inkling of as yet.

From the FBI we learn that agents were sending in reports of suspicious student pilots not bothering to learn how to land a damn airplane...a jumbo jet at that. We also know they had an informant and who knows who else, on the inside with these boys. Of course superiors shot back that there was no need to persue the investigations..because they might have prevented the implementation of this Patriot Act and saved us all a lot greief and that quickly went to Halliburton and orchestrated a way to make a buck fast as the bogus energy crisis in California.- I`m telling you...their appetite for cash and more of it is unending and bottomless..the more they have the more they crave and no one is thinking in terms of starting a business and growing it and nursing it..they want instant cash..quick turnovers..and there aren`t any honest or decent ways to do that.

I had to laugh at the one FBI supervisor who`d blocked agents from openning up a computer they got from one of the suspects...he said that would have been a "violation of the man`s rights"! Like we`re supposed to say, "DAMN that Constitution,...if it hadn`t been there those agents would have taken a peek". When HASN`T the FBI violated rights and laws? That one "principled" moment has resulted in all of us being now open to secret surveilance...again, something the FBI dearly loves and always did, but now want codified into LAW. We are being tricked into imprisoning our children.

Bush didn`t want to know the likely target...he had to remain they`d heard rumors but, "my GOD you can`t expect government to be EVERYWHERE!" No..not till there`s a Patriot Act and then they`ll be all over US. They said to themselves it will be a hostage situation more than likely...that`s what they prefered believeing..because that has great photo ops..the president hanging tough..refusing to cave in etc. his heart going out all over the place...everybody "remembered" in his dreams and his know the routine by now.

There`s more, much more and that`s why they`re stalling on a real investigation...there may not be a smoking gun but there would be a few smoking assholes if a real investigation took place.

Now, if the democrats manage to not shoot themselves in the foot and actuall keep this victory..they may be induced, "for the good of the country" to not look too closely either..after all they ALL need huge amounts of cash. In that case we would all lose even more because we`re not being protected at all..not by ANY of these sleazeballs. How does it help protect us to keep from us the knowledge that these god-thumping murderers set us up...and waited calmy to reap their reward..which come in no other shape than undermining us more than any attack ever could.

this new climate of fear and reprisal is going to sap our energy and blight our children`s lives even can count on it. Whereas teens used the overhanging shadow of nuclear catastrophe to go out and live it up while they still could...this new era of suspicion and fear and red alerts and immanent death from falling Arabs...not to mention the Police State mentality, is going to drive already drugged out children and their parents further over an edge they passed long`s going to propel them down the precipice.

And it would be so easy to call easy. Vote the fuckers out of office..repeal immediately that piece of Nazi legistlation..have a REAL investigation and find out just how close to the Terrorists Bush was...take back ALL funding of religious schools in ANY shape..and finally, realize once and for all that following the dictates of a god of 2000 years ago is a huge mistake...and TAX the fuckers like any other business. They are NOT serving the public good..they do NOT teach morality..they are NOT a force for good in civil society.

We could stop years of bloodshed to come and waste and ruin..but we won`t.


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