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=> there will never be a Drafted Army again...

there will never be a Drafted Army again...
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 5:56:24 (CEST)
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..not in the New World order. That`s another lesson Vietnam taught the warmongers. With the Draft they got students..people who never gave a thought to joining a military establishment...and many of these people were independent minded, pissed at the government already...many of them well educated...

There were no controls...anyone could be called major...literature teacher....and that backfired when articulate and ethical stands against that bloody, brutal war-for-profit filtered back and then became a torrent that swamped American complaisance.

It`s far better to create an economic atmosphere that offers no hope to thousands of already ill-educated 18 year olds...offers them pay and benefits they can`t get in the hog-wallers and back alleys of America...far better that they come to Uncle Sam than he goes dragging them out of colleges and art schools and well-paying and high end jobs to go kill people...totally innocent people whose lives are trashed and lied about by the corporate press as a prelude to our wanting to rid the planet of them if they can`t be made docile to our pricks.


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