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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, April 23 2004, 22:53:56 (CEST)
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Aprim decides you should hear about some village in Iraq besides Fallujeh...where evidently the Liberation and Democrapization of Iraq has hit an unexpected he brings you this..actually I culled this because it`s too delicious to pass up.

The Assyrians of Baghdeda became Christians during early Christianity. Assyrians "became" Christian. Where was the attraction? I mean LOOK at them today!!! They were FORCED into it.

With the Christological disputes of the 4 th century, they followed the Nestorian teaching but switched to the Jacobite (Orthodox Assyrian) rite through Shapur al-Baghdedi in the 7 th century.

...see...once you betray your wife...what`s to stop you the next and the next time. This behavior is inconsistant with those who are forced into something and naturally find it to be a poor fit...their descendants don`t exactly know why, but "something" doesn`t feel they think another version and then another and another and another will feel better. It doesn` never can. That`s why Christianioty is so damn bloody and so filled with the "wrong" kinds..who are really the right ones..because at its inception as a formal religion it was an exercize in hypocrasy...the Romans never even came close to originating it..they just used it to control people better and as a shield for the same old murders and rapes and robberies they were committing before. Those forced into this religion, as well as those doing the it ALL wrong but are doing the good old "Roman" thing.

Worth mentioning that Bartilla was Nestorian village as well; however, the efforts of Bishop Gabriel al-Sinjari, in early 7 th century, switched it to Jacobite big deal..these people will switcvh and switch and switch again..why not?

as he held a special place at the Sassanid Persian royal court and King Khosrow (Khosru) II and his queen Sherin.

...well now..there`s as good a reason to change denominations as any. I wonder what special place this guy had???

Gabriel was a Jacobite; however, he switched to Nestorianism when he married a Nestorian woman.

...why good a reason as any.

He then married two additional Magian wives that led to his excommunication by the Nestorian patriarch;

...well that wasn`t nice.

thus, he joined the Jacobite Church for the second time.

...these guys should have zippers on their souls as well.

Gabriel was influential at the court of the king and his wife because he has cured the queen and she had a child after years of unsuccessful pregnancy.

..hell I`ve used that "cure" myself...lots of times.

His influence was so great that he prevented the Nestorians from electing a patriarch for 20 years.

...Ah Christianity..where is thy stink?


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