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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 23 2004, 2:29:26 (CEST)
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everyone is so pleased to be tough and doling out punishment. The Prison system in the United States brags about getting tough..about there being nothing to chance to learn anything..just be punished by the same sorts of Christians who believe children should be punished for the sins of their parents..who were themselves more sinned against than sinning.

The same at the American prison in Iraq. They wanted to punish, to humiliate. They went through the motions of asking questions..maybe the Iraqis even believed the Americans were sincere..then they told them to take their clothes off and not make a sound..then they ran a hand up a warm brown thigh..and the sickenning feeling in the gut told the Iraqis just what American prisoners have known for so long.

The system thinks its punishing prisoners..but it isnt only them that they punish..they punish themselves and their own society by turning loose tormented, brutalized people..more confused, more angry...less likely to find a peaceful place for themselves. A man is sent to prison for rape because the society condemns it...and everyone knows hell be raped in prison, and thats supposed to teach him something..what can it teach except it only matters who does the raping. They make the culture more barbaric by their barbarism..which they think is contained to the cell block. Cruelty has become a way of life..those whom we find guilty of breaking our laws become subject to a state of complete lawlessness where a guard can do as he or she pleases because we are now tough on crime.

Its ourselves we are being tough on..our own cities we are brutalizing...for most of these people will go free one day...just like the ones in Iraq...and what will they do then...


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