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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, May 22 2004, 15:37:44 (CEST)
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There are schools, public and private...and there are churches and church schools. Creationism was always idiotic and when Evolution came to be taught in public school, the religious nits felt hurt and abused. No one stopped them from teaching Creationism or flying pigs in their churches and church schools.

But that wasn÷t good enough. They were offended that their children had to hear about Evolution while the rest of the students were to be spared the nonsense of Creationism. The Law says that children under the age of 16 must attend school of some does not say that children have to go to church where they÷ll hear about Creationism. Hence the religious felt the Laws were against them..that the government was brainwashing their children etc. and they wanted to be the only ones to do that.

You÷d think the fact that religious parents are free to make fun of Evolution at home and shoot it down at church would be enough...that their ability to enforce their religious views over the power of the schools to teach secular science would satisfy them...but it don÷t.

Evolution is a that holds up well the more we learn. It isn÷t based on÷s based on observation..but observations interpreted by a sane mind. A religious person looks around..sees a frog and says "Glory hallelujah...GOD made a froglegsª". who cares+ Who wants to disabuse the fool...

The evolutionist merely wonders if the frog derived from another life form ir sort of might resemble and seeks to trace that possibility back. In the end both are left with the essential mystery of where God came from...god or the first cell..or even the first chemical or gas. And neither one can answer that question...and the inability to answer that question shows you respect God..the mystery supreme which no human mind, certainly not one from Tennessee, can figure out.

The religious person says...God was always there. That doesn÷t answer is just a statement..that is÷s based on faith and taken on faith. The Evolutionist will just say, I don÷t know where that first cell came from, but I÷d like a raise in salary". To the evolutionist there is no need to find out what you can÷t begin to find out...and why bother. To the religious person, whose every question or doubt has always received an idiotic answer and one that satisfies what passes for his more idiotic answer more or less wont upset he says god was always there and asks for your donation. Bottom line is they both need to live.

Let them teach Creationism in church and learn Evolution in real harm done...surely they can handle two ideas at a time...but that isn÷t what they really want..what they want is to evangelize us..make us all confrom..remove Evolution..ban it from earth. We allow them their church school foolishness...but they won÷t return the favor. They are like that.


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