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waiting for the "right" Christian to drop
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 16 2004, 17:40:21 (CEST)
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There`s a hush over all the land...Dooz hasn`t wished death to anyone in a while..he doesn`t have to..he`s getting his wish. There are no calls for a country "damn it"...and as if people sense something unpleasant is about to happen, they`re dredging up Simele and horrors of the past and mentioning flags and Bishops and Patriarchs..anything it would seem to avoid the nagging sense that they spent several years being cheerleaders at their own undoing...I mean of their fanciful dreams that never had a snowball`s chance in Jerusalem of materializing but sound so good when you`re bored at the office.

I think the Christians back home always knew this was going to be a disaster...but what could they do? And we really did nothing for them either. Some people ate well one day a year and raised some cash to quiet their nagging consciences...everyone knows you don`t really bring peace through war...not unless you`re attacked and can defend yourself..but when you go declaring and waging a war against a civilian population and then want to rule their lives, you become the most recent object of their time the years under Saddam will be fondly least he was one of their own..these Televangelists from Ohio will never win the hearts of the people..and without that it`s just more of the same misery...only now America will be the culprit, the villain in the piece...then what will Kanna and the boys do?


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