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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Wednesday, May 19 2004, 14:57:41 (CEST)
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Let me reply by quoting that great Assyrian, William Shakespeare...from Romeo and Juliet where Juliet says, "What`s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

I don`t care who my son or daughter marries so long as they love and are loved. I don`t care the religion, so long is it doesn`t involve cannibalism. I don`t care to kill people over the NAME of a NAME.

The Roman`s it was who would create a howling wilderness and call that "Peace". There will be a desert there if the United States keeps this up. Since the United States first set its sights on Iraq countless people, people who never did a country that never harmed the United States, have been murdered in cold blood, their children starved...all with the blessings of Asstians who care more for outward show and brand names than they do for substance.

Iraq is Assyria. Call it any other name and I don`t care...change its religion and I don`t care...chop it up and I don`t care...but kill its people for any reason and I care. All the Asstians in the world could drop dead tomorrow and it would be no loss to the planet at all...none at all.

To see people who claim to have deep ties to the soil, ask others to go kill that soil over a name is about as disgusting a display of cowardice and inhumanity as I can imagine and shows nicely what it is Muslims dislike about the Asstians who will also deny a son or daughter if they change NAMES.

And finally...for 100 years and more Asstians have been settling in the West where the FIRST...second and LAST thing they do is build Churches honoring a Jew carpenter and his insane, bloody, brutal father. In all this time they have done nothing as Assyrians...When they rejoice that they repented of being the children of Ashur, who brought them glory...when they honor a jew god and call THAT being "Assyrians"...when they live , breath, eat and shit Christianity and nothing but, then I say they aren`t Assyrian in any MEANINGFULL sense of the word. And I`ll take MEANING over and MATTER over name any day.

Iraq is the country, Islam is the dominant religion...Iraqi Muslims are descended from the same source...though they have chosen to remain loyal to the land and its people...where Asstians have not.

I trust you understood nothing.


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