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winning a lost cause
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 14:41:56 (CEST)
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it doesn`t matter at all if the Democrats win...and Bush knows it. Sure it would be nice to continue on this trajectory uninterrupted..but there`s a sly benefit to handing over the White House to Dems who`ll have no choice but shoot themselves in the foot and head no matter what they do.

If the Dems go "soft on Communism"...I mean on Terrorism...the Repubs can bounce back into office with that "Mandate" from the American People to fuck them over as much as they can be fucked. All it would take is the slightest let up in "vigillance"...the slightest reduction in "military capabillity"...the slightest shift of funds over to Mary`s teeth or Johnny`s school...and, of course a leetle teenie weenie "event" and the war cry would be raised that America was being made a vulnerable target by caring for its children and old folks too.

The Dems are stuck and so are we. They`ll have to play along with this new charade like they had to go toe to toe with the Repubs all along or risk being accused of selling out America`s security. It`s a well worn script...we`ve been in exactly this spot before. The future course of America is set and there isn`t anything Kerry or any other Democrat can do about it..and if Nader became president and tried..they`d just get Oswald to shoot him in Dealy Plaza all over again.

The future of America is War...get used to it.


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