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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 18 2004, 14:38:09 (CEST)
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one of those set-up questions..somebody names Maria wants to know "everything" a guy names ashur, what else..tells her the way it`s gonna be...

Re: plzzz help me !!

Posted By: ashur <> (
Date: Tuesday, 18 May 2004, at 2:27 a.m.

In Response To: plzzz help me !! (maria)

hi there
first they dont see them selfes to be different the only ones who thinks there different are the ones who are being payed by the K$#%s

...that`s odd, the rest say the ones who combined are being played with by the Kurds.

2nd nothing will happen to assyria assyria is there and allways be there it will take a bit of time to get the people settled there and then we will have our own area or little mini state but more likely just a little area for the people

...another person safely out of there who wants the rest of them to "settle" there. In this sort of mind Assyria will always be there...even though they dumped the god of Assyria.

if you want to say SOORAYA people or chaldoassyrians or kaldoashuriean or assyrians thats what will happen

...either a name means everything or it means why not settle for Iraq, the ancient Uruk and get on with life. An enclave will never happen.

we have a memebr in this governing council doing thebest he can under all pressures from usa to k#%$s to arabs and jews one in the governing council will govern anything..they owe their salaries and position to the United States..might as well attach strings to their arms and other words, puppets will always be despised..their non-rule backed up by foreign guns...remember Simele?

but bit by bit it will work out after all we excepted jesus and christianity and we REPENTED so we shall see

..."we repented". I like that. We built half of civiliztion while the Jews slaughtered each other and WE repented. If we had anything to repent it was this jesus crap


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