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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Friday, May 21 2004, 10:32:12 (CEST)
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I wanted to thank you for the magnificent service you offer on your site. When I first discovered your site it brought back many memories and I could not help but look up my first website created in 1997.

Anyway I need your help to research a website.
The site is and it was removed from the Internet on the 5th may, 2004.

I am writing an article for a magazine called Naqosha and I would like to know about the history of the following site.
The site is

I need to know if the photos on this site were staged or legitimate photos of Iraqi women being raped by US soldiers in Iraq. According to a World News Daily investigation "Iraqi Babes" was first created in April 2003, it fails to mention that these specific images were not posted on the site until early 2004.

Now there's an easy way to see if these pictures were posted on that site in April 2003 OR
..they were posted there more recently, possibly in the year 2004.

So I went to your site and typed in and I came up with what appears to be a deleted site message.

I then thought perhaps I have the wrong url so I went to and tried to lookup the owner of the url, Linda MacNew. Returned a 'Timeout' failure.

Now why would there not be a record of the site on

I understand that your FAQ clearly states;
Some sites may not be included because the automated crawlers were unaware of their existence at the time of the crawl. It's also possible that some sites were not archived because they were password protected or otherwise inaccessible to our automated systems or because the Web site administrator has requested removal of the site from the Archive.

I know that you guys would have a record of the site's moderator requesting the removal of the site from your archives and would like to know if you did receive a letter requesting the removal of this site from your archives.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Kindest regards,
David Chibo
Nakosha Magazine


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