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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, April 20 2007, 17:36:38 (CEST)
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...aina is not a "news" source. Neither is Fox. Syriac manuscripts are not "history". Zindalite is not a scholarly "magazine"...the Journal of The Assyrian Academic Society is not a "journal" and it is not "academic". The whole point to this debate is that WORDS are being bandied about to achieve political goals and "prove" personal beliefs. We heard Hanna say that he has his own dictionary...and they all operate on that basis. You don't go to Colgate Palmolive to get an objective overview of the best toothpaste. These people are shills...fronts...a salesforce for whatever they're peddling. Dr Joseph is not...that's the reason the nationalists say he is taking money from SOMEBODY...that he has "masters" and "handlers"...because THEY do and they can only see the world through their own eyes, with them and their toys at the center of any spoiled five-year old brat.

Dr Joseph didn't call himself a scholar....he didn't invent his doctorate...he doesn't write about things he knows nothing Aprim and the rest do. It's funny, Aprim is a mechanical engineer who can't or won't practise his own profession...he yearns to be a scholar...a serious writer...and so, in the time-honored but dishonorable tradition of any wannabe, he merely starts "doing it"...and the rest of his cousins and villagers are so pleased to see their prejudices and misconceptions in print...that they cheer and yell and get national hard-ons.

Dr Joseph's achievements are real...the equivalent to Aprim's being honored as a mechanical engineer...a profession he's hardly even worked at. Aprim can find no honor in his profession...but by simply changing his focus, and bringing all his "knowledge" to bear...he can be honored by the villagers of Assyria as a "writer" and "historian"....while these same dweebs, to show how far into being dweebs they are, fall all over themselves trying to DIShonor Dr Joseph..the one man among us who is actually practising and well qualified in the profession he was educated and taught in.

The insistence that Dr Joseph, like Aprim, must not know what he is talking about...or that he is set up to write these things or, best of all, that nefarious sources are paying him to write "untruths" about modern Assyrians... apply to Aprim...not Dr Joseph.

No one has yet been able to answer this simple question either: what would the CIA, or the American government have to worry about the possibility of "unity" among these modern Assyrian nationalists? What? What is the real reason for the need to imply that Dr Joseph is working for someone, being paid by someone specifically to "deny" the identity of modern Assyrians?

I wonder if Curious has any curious answers...or Chicaken Jumbalaya?


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