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Posted by W Gabriel Dinkha (Guest) - Tuesday, June 26 2007, 15:32:59 (CEST)
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We come into these forums
To read the latest news,
People from across the world
Express to us their views.

Some we may agree with
Some leave us in doubt,
Some make us laugh – some make us cry
Some make us want to shout.

Topics posted everyday
Help keep us informed,
Each day we come to realise
Our nations been transformed.

From politics to religion
To news from the motherland,
The struggles our Christian brothers face
As this war gets out of hand.

We thought their pain had ended
When Saddam took the rope,
For years the victims of the Baa’th regime
We saw a ray of hope.

Executions now a daily thing
Democracy they crave,
Convert to Islam or become Kurds!!
Or face an early grave.

Political leaders dance back and forth
Like puppets on a string,
How can a nation move ahead
When the enemy lies within.

We’ve lost the trust that we once had
Suspicion fills our mind,
Our flesh and blood have turned on us
And stabbed us from behind.

Who are we to turn to?
Where do we go from here?,
A nation now at crisis point
It’s future so unclear.

Religious leaders have let us down
We’ve lost the faith we knew,
Now we all must choose a “team”
A community torn in two.

No longer do we go to church
To hear the word of God,
We’d rather hear the news from court
Then stand up and applaud.

Is this what the bible teaches?
It sounds like such a crime,
To laugh when a brother takes a fall
Then kick him one more time.

We put you there to guide us
Our faith in you was strong,
Instead you’ve caused a civil war
You got it all so wrong.

Friendships ruined – families split
Insults here and there,
Threats are made on peoples lives
But do you really care?

Take the money you have raised
And feed your nations poor,
The kids who sit with open mouths
I’m sure they need it more.

To the families who now are homeless
The result of constant attacks,
No shoes to cover their blistered feet
No clothes to warm there backs.

How bitter we have all become
Our hatred grows each day,
Our leaders must join forces
And not lead us astray.

Or maybe we should all stand back
And not lend our support,
Our money could be better spent
Than fighting out in court.

W Gabriel Dinkha


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