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Abraham Lincoln and Bashir el Assad
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, August 20 2012, 18:21:46 (UTC)
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...what's the difference? Southern "rebels" took arms against their legitimate government...and Lincoln responded with force...over 600,000 thousand Americans killed each other...still the greatest number of Americans killed in any war and ALL their wars combined. I'm sure governments of that day "deprecated the slaughter" of the American Civil War...and now there is a civil war in

...why is the United States and the rest of Europe wringing its hands and shedding big tears over the unfortunate Syrians? Is it also the case now that only the United States or Britain or Germany can have civil wars? No one else is allowed to have one?

...of course it's tragic, but it's hardly unique. Starving to death 700,000 Iraqi THAT's unique!


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