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Another Poem....
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, June 28 2007, 19:13:53 (CEST)
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Oh charterted busses
Full of martyred cusses
Down the highway of time
you got yourselves killed so fine.

Thank you for dying
But even more so
Thanks for getting killed by Muslims
Cause that raises our score so.

If only enough of us die
We`ll surely get our pie-in-the-sky
"Give me back my land"
Say our nationalists
And as for you, Apache opportunists...
What treaty...are you mad?

What can be gained by dying
Is all that`s worth trying
Why plan and build and struggle so
When we have National Dildoes
Like Aprims and Jassims
Our own Abdul Qassims.

They ream us and cream us
For their own satisfaction
A mental-type coitus
Which is all that is left us
The impotent sons of this silly nation.


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