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Bill Maher is getting old....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, November 17 2019, 23:21:46 (UTC)
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Website title:'s inevitable. You get older and, if you get richer, you become don't want the boats rocked.

On his last show he went on about how we have to learn to live with the other America, meaning Trump people. They aren't going away, we can't throw them into a pit, so we had best learn to get along....what a crock.

It even flies in the face of his own advice, a year ago, not to think you're ever going to change the mind of a Trumpster by using reason or logic....they have neither. With them it's all emotional etc.

If that's true, then what are we supposed to do....just accept them and make nice with them? Except they're trying to take us backwards to when America was greatly white and non-Gay friendly or women friendly...if they were content to stop doing that, we might leave them alone...but they, like religion, won't leave the rest of us alone. Our values are a threat and affront to them and THEY can't "live with it".

I suppose we should have tried harder to be nicer to Hitler..or the KKK? Why were we mean to the Japanese just because they did a little attack? What's the matter with US that we went to war with them...why couldn't we just get along?

There's a cultural war and a cold civil war going on in America and it's growing....just when does Maher think we should meet the KKK head on?

Should we, like the peace-loving Brits and the America Firsters ignore Hitler or Japan? We waited and waited until it was too late to resolve those issues peacefully and the result was a second world war and millions dead...maybe we shouldn't have tried to "get along" with those people?

Sooner or later we will have to confront the growing appeal of the authoritarianism of Trump and his people....should we wait till its later?


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