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Bush is not in "Denial"...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, April 23 2007, 17:14:21 (CEST)
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...Bush is in need of money...his backers are in need of more money...this "surge" and anything else they can think of that can plausibly be sold to the American people as an excuse to prolong this war means more money...more money...more money. When Democrats think to be challenging Bush by claiming he's militarily "wrong" or in political "denial", they only show that they are the ones in denial...denying the fact that all of them, Republican and Democract alike, are up their ears in blood money...and blood money has become the greatest sopurces of instant and unbelievable wealth....before these people are politicnas they are all business people...they all have stock portfolios, they all have constituents depending on war contracts...before they criticize Bush too much they all have to look to their bottom their porfolios.

None of them can come to power by speaking the truth...they all have to speak in code...they all are looking to the shortest, fastest way to get the most money, money, this they are very like the people who elect them...all of us are obsessed with money...all of us are seduced by the power and ease and security we think comes with more and more money....those at the peak of power have gone mad over's no longer a question for them of what money can buy's money for money's sake...and like art for art's produces crap.


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