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Catalonia pulls an "Assyria"
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, September 22 2017, 14:02:49 (UTC)
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The Basques of Catalonia, in Spain, have wanted their independence for as long as anyone can remember. Not all of them but certainly a good proportion...this year the people of Catalonia have scheduled a vote on independence from Spain...guess what happened?

The Spanish government has charged the leaders of this independence vote with sedition...that's right, sedition. A handful have been jailed while others are being fined $12,000 per day for every day they continue to push for the vote.

When any person or group says that their government is not legitimate and does not represent them and that they want to form their own independent state, or province or anything, they commit sedition...and, if they do it during a war, treason, which is normally punishable by long incarceration or death.

Fast forward, and backwards, to Iraqis who think of themselves as Assyrians and therefore separate from the rest of Iraqis, make the same charges against Iraq, or did when there was an Iraq. Those who did, were committing the same act of sedition and were PROsecuted for it...though given our level of education and sophistication and overall crybaby status, we said we were being PERsecuted...and when one of us was sent to jail for doing so, or hanged, we said it was proof we were being harshly treated because we were Assyrians, or Christians.....when it was just a matter of breaking a Law common to every nation on earth.

Needless to say if we ever had an Assyria, we'd be hanging scores of people daily for the same offense.

Sedition is illegal everywhere in the world, even in such countries as the United States...ask the Indians what happened to them when they seized Alcatraz Island and other tribal lands promised to them by treaty in the 1970s...and said the US government was not THEIR government...many were jailed and some were killed outright by the Feds.

No country on earth, in history, is ever going to give up part of its territory unless as a result of war...which is how all modern countries were formed in the first place. The Qurds might get a Qurdistan, but only because they have been actually fighting and dying for one for a few centuries....while we Assyrians have been running to the West and begging for one.....doesn't work that way.


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